About Us

We are a collective of writers and artists who have been blending science fiction, fantasy, and horror to achieve their dreams since 1993.  Most of us are published in one fashion or another and we all have very diverse educational and creative backgrounds.  At our core, we are an active writer’s group whose purpose is to workshop our material and to ladder up our skills as authors, artists and – sometimes – as human beings.

Publishing and networking has evolved dramatically over the years, and not just since we formed as a collective.  Even just the past few years have seen changes in our industry that are so profound that they seem like they are right out of a – well, a science fiction story.  And amidst all this change: social media, blogs, digital books, print on demand and more, the creative process remains virtually the same.  So what to do?  The answer to how a group of people can help each other create great art across time, space, and the cumbersome burdens of Real Life is not a simple one.  But the proof is in the pudding: NobleFusion is one of the oldest writer’s group with both a physical and digital presence and we continue to thrive as our world evolves.  Browse our writer’s pages, read our words and see for yourself.

We want to write the words that spark imaginations and give readers the same sense of wonder we feel when we discover a great new story.  Writing – particularly speculative, fantastic writing – is a form of happy insanity that is better shared.  If you feel it, you should be one of us.

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