Arthur C. (Buck) Dorrance

Arthur C. (Buck) Dorrance (
Style: Eccentric and eclectic. SF or fantasy as the muse directs.

Arthur C. (Buck) Dorrance

Arthur C. (Buck) Dorrance

Interests: Science, cinema, slipstream fiction, history, economics… dabbling in too many things to be good at any of them. I will read most anything, except sports. As is true for all of us, I’m threatened by premature burial under countless bought, yet unread books.

A Brief Bio:

I’m married, with an adult child and a time-share dog. I started out as a child, if not on the streets of Philadelphia (like Bill Cosby), then in one of its suburbs. Got a degree in psychology. After joining the US Navy, I served onboard a submarine and then in the Philippines. Getting out, I used the GI Bill to go through nursing school. My career went from geriatrics, to intensive care, and then anesthesia. Along the way I also picked up an MS in Biology. Now retired.

Idle hands make the devil’s work. I have attended James Gunn’s 2-week workshop twice, then Clarion 2000 in East Lansing, MI, then Odyssey 2009. I’m currently writing an alternate history novel about Mary Shelley, Ben Franklin’s great-grandson, and an American Revolution do-over. Helping Lawrence Schoen with editing at his Paper Golem Press.

Some Favorite Fiction:

  • Avram Davidson
  • William Gibson
  • Terry Pratchett
  • Thomas Pynchon
  • Charles Stross
  • P. G. Wodehouse

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  1. ted Humphreville says:

    Hey, Bucky. Ted Humphreville , ted Didn’t know you were a submariner. I’m from New London, CT. I live in Los Angeles. Say hi! btw-I have the huge submarine history of WWII. Wodehouse is my wife’s Constance favorite. She runs a book club.

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