Everett (Jake) Jacobs

Sci-Fi Fantasy Author | Artist
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Everette (Jake) Jacobs

Everette (Jake) Jacobs

It’s hard to pin Jake down to any one particular interest. Writing science fiction and fantasy surely top the list, with drawing, painting, gardening, photography, archeology, astronomy, , and reading rounding out most of his interests. But then there is also his family: a loving wife for 42 years, three beautiful daughters, and eleven wonderful grandchildren. Then we have his life’s passion: leading a remarkable assemblage of dedicated staff that daily improves the lives of hundreds of persons with developmental disabilities.

Starting at the age of thirteen Jake devoured every sci-fi and fantasy book in his local library and then turned to a neighborhood bookstore where he found hundreds of his favorite genre covering the shelves. His interest in writing stems from his great love of books and the limitless worlds, and memorable characters living within them.
Jake dabbled at writing throughout his teen years, but never found the constructive criticism or tutelage needed to develop the talent. Life and work got in the way, but eventually he returned to his love of words and the stories they can weave. And then the fateful day occurred when he met Barbara Hill, Allison Stein, and Mike Higgins through an innocent advertisement for a writer’s group. NobleFusion was born a few months later, and the rest as they say is history, but Jake prefers the future.

Although preferring novel-length works, Jake work-shopped some short stories and his “Time Out of Mind” took second place in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest in 2001, and he is presently developing it into a full-length novel. He is also plodding away at an epic trilogy that fuses sci-fi and fantasy, as has a few short stories bobbing on the surface of his mind – soon to be committed to paper. Stay tuned…

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