Paula Helm Murray

Paula Helm Murray writes fantasy, with publications in several Marion Zimmer Bradley anthologies as well as “Renaissance Festival Tales” from Hadley Rille Books.

Paula Helm Murray

Paula Helm Murray

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  1. Norman L. Silvers says:

    Lt. Ralph M. Helm was my commanding officer while I was stationed
    at Vance AFB, Enid, Okla. in the summer and fall of 1953. He commanded
    our Pre-Aviation Cadet Squadron at the time…as we were awaiting assignment
    to an Aviation Cadet class at Lackland AFB in San Antonio.

    I have a letter from him dated 10FEB54 (6421 Switzer Lane, Shawnee, Kansas)
    in which he mentions that he has to stop writing so he can help Steven with his

    Hope that you will be able to send me your email address so that I can
    relate to you my wonderful experience knowing your Dad.
    Norm Silvers
    Anaheim, Ca.

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