6-Word Science Fiction Short Stories

Writing science-fiction and fantasy is a specialized form of literary art that is at the far right of the “inspiring and thought-provoking” bell curve.  The short-story is an art form all of it’s own and demands a steady and trained hand.  Combining the two is down right daunting and one of the most noble and rewarding challenges of all.  We are fans.

But a good science fiction/fantasy/horror short story written with only 6 words leaves us speechless.

So for your pleasure, Wired Magazine commissioned 6-word short stories from some of the best talent: Joss Whedon, Eileen Gunn, William Shatner and more.  This was published quite some time ago, but since time is a construct for the mind we decided to post this anyway.  Enjoy!


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  1. Rick says:

    Loved your content Barbara <3 very well-written.
    Science Fiction also influences society in so many ways. If you have chosen it as a genre to write, you chose the right one.

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