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The 30 Sci-Fi Stories Everyone Should Read

This month fellow Kansans James Gunn and Chris McKitterick (renowned and gifted Science Fiction writers/scholars/professors) contributed to Popular Mechanic’s recent list of the top 30 must read stories in the genre. While not all of them are all-time classic SF … Continue reading

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Why Today’s Inventors Need to Read More Science Fiction

“Reading science fiction is like an ethics class for inventors, and engineers and designers should be trying to think like science fiction authors when they approach their own work. ” For me, THIS is one of the great powers of … Continue reading

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Profile of a Pioneer: Science Fiction, Software, & 49 Years’ Innovating

An interesting article about Dana Paxson, a long-time IT professional and industry “outsider” who is trying to change the way science fiction is produced and consumed.  And, it blends a story about a guy who builds art from found things … Continue reading

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6-Word Science Fiction Short Stories

Writing science-fiction and fantasy is a specialized form of literary art that is at the far right of the “inspiring and thought-provoking” bell curve.  The short-story is an art form all of it’s own and demands a steady and trained … Continue reading

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Kim Stanley Robinson interview — The Atlantic

Wanted to share a great interview with KSR about his new novel 2312 and his writing process.  I love the description of his work as “These books are the gold-standard of realistic, and highly literary, science-fiction writing.” … something I’d … Continue reading

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